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私たちのような大人は、なぜ言語を維持することが難しいのでしょう?その答えは私たちの脳にあります。 この図が示すように、 言語の習得には「臨界期」があります。 ご自分の年齢を横軸に見て頂くと、縦軸に 第2言語の習得能力の値が示されます。 子どもは7歳になるまで 語学の天才なのです。 それから一貫して能力は落ちていき 思春期以降は欄外まで落ちてしまいます。


Benefits of learning English from Infancy:

Through play and hard work, young children (until about age seven) can learn a language by using their ears rather than sitting at a desk and studying. Through the use of music (not only fun but great for training their young ears to hear many sounds!), PPP’s mission is to become the catalyst to your child’s life-long exploration and learning adventure of English.

Below is an excerpt from Patricia Kuhl’s TED talk: The linguistic genius of babies. Watch the whole video HERE.

“Why is it that you can’t preserve a language by speaking to you and I, to the adults? Well, it’s got to do with your brain. What we see here is that language has a critical period for learning. The way to read this slide is to look at your age on the horizontal axis. And you’ll see on the vertical your skill at acquiring a second language. Babies and children are geniuses until they turn seven, and then there’s a systematic decline. After puberty, we fall off the map.”

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