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Co-founder, Director and Head  Teacher

アメリカ コロラド州 デンバー出身

バークリー音楽大学 ミュージックセラピー専攻。卒業後、音楽プロモーション会社に勤務。英会話講師、YMCA幼児保育を経て、先生として9年間、幼児教育に携わる。好きな音楽はJazz。週末にピアノの練習をするのが楽しみ。ミュージックトゥギャザー講師資格保有。好きなミュージックトゥゲザーの曲は「Camels」。

Born and raised in Denver, Colorado (USA). Devon graduated from Berklee College of Music with a B.M. focusing on Music Therapy. After graduating from college, she worked at a jazz promotion company, where she promoted jazz across the United States. With the desire to further music education in early childhood settings, she turned to the education field. She has worked at an English conversation school, as well as, 9 years as an Early Childhood teacher, both in America and Japan. She enjoys spending her free time practicing piano, guitar, ukelele, or shamisen and listening to jazz. She completed the Music Together Training and became a Music Together Music Specialist in November 2012. Her favorite Music Together song is “Camels”.

IMG_0336 (1)MR. BOBBY

Head Teacher

アメリカ フロリダ州 ペンサコラ出身

西フロリダ大学 ファゴットの演奏専攻。卒業後、色々なオーケストラやアンサンブルを演奏、子供と大人にプライベートレッスンなどをワークショップで教える音楽活動をする。言語と文化への情熱を生かし、子供教育に重視した資格TEFLを取得。アメリカとアルゼンチンとオーストラリア、日本で子供と大人に英語を教えた経験あり。趣味は箏の演奏。その他にもファゴット、フルート、ウクレレ等々… 好きなミュージックトゥゲザーの曲は「Two Little Blackbirds」。

Bobby was born and raised in Pensacola, Florida (USA). He graduated from the University of West Florida with a B.M. in Bassoon Performance. For several years he continued his music career playing in various orchestras and ensembles and teaching private music lessons and workshops to children and adults. Following an additional passion for language and culture, Bobby received his TEFL certification with an emphasis in Young Learners. He has since taught English to children and adults in the USA, Argentina, Australia, and Japan. He enjoys spending his free time practicing koto, bassoon, flute, ukelele, shamisen and the list goes on! His favorite Music Together song is “Two Little Blackbirds”.

blank-profile-photoMS. NORIKO ・ミス典子

保育士 / Certified Daycare Teacher







Tomoko smallMS. TOMOKO ・ミス朋子

保育士 / Senior Teacher Advisor

 幼児期よりピアノに親しみ、音楽に囲まれて育つ。大学卒業後、単身、イギリスへ。Harrow House International Collegeにて英語を学ぶ。帰国後、玉成保育専門学校にて、保育士免許、幼稚園教諭二種免許取得。都内某保育園で保育士として、得意のピアノを生かしつつ乳幼児のクラスを担任する。5歳児の母。2014年、ミュージックトゥギャザーの資格取得。好きなミュージックトゥギャザーの曲は「The Bells of Westminster」。

From an early age, Tomoko loved piano and grew up surrounded by music. After graduating from college, she moved to England and studied English at Harrow House International College. After returning to Japan, she studied at Gyokusei Training College of Infant Care and Education where she received the infant care certificate and the kindergarten teacher certificate. Along with her skills on piano, she has worked in a Japanese daycare as the homeroom teacher. She is a mother to a 5 year old son. She completed the Music Together Training and became a Music Together Music Specialist in November 2014. Her favorite Music Together song is “The Bells of Westminster.”

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MS. KYOKO ミス恭子

Assistant Teacher

東京生まれ、英国、ロンドン育ち。幼い頃から音楽とダンスに囲まれ育ち、帰国後、玉川大学芸術学科入学、卒業。その後再び渡英、LABAN (コンテンポラリーダンススクール)にてコミュニティーダンス専攻、様々な人々と沢山の作品づくりに関わる。英語教育にも長年携わり、カリフォルニアに所在する日本人学校(幼・小)においてESL教員を務める。英検1級、TOEIC満点。何より大好きなのは子どもと遊ぶこと、そして音楽を感じ、踊ること! 18ヶ月児の母。好きなミュージックトゥゲザーの曲は 「Riding in the car」。

Born in Tokyo, raised in London(U.K). Kyoko has always had music and dance in her life. After graduating Tamagawa University with a BA in Arts Education, Kyoko furthered her studies at LABAN (London, U.K), a Contemporary Dance school majoring in Community Dance studies. She taught and created many dance pieces with various social groups. Kyoko also has a lot of experience teaching English to various age groups, especially children. She was an ESL teacher at a Japanese kindergarten/elementary school in California (U.S). What she loves most is to play with kids, feel the music and dance as her heart desires! She is a mother to an 18 month old son. Her favorite Music Together song is “Riding in the Car”.

blank-profile-photoMS. SANA ・ミス典子







blank-profile-photoMR. YUUSUKE ・ミスター裕介

Co-founder and Manager