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Welcome to the Percussion Class!

18 mths to 3 years old



This class, for ages 18 months to 3 years old, is geared toward providing these small but adventurous children a fun and stimulating first experience of school/daycare life. Upon entering this class, the focus is on teaching the children the “rhythm” of the day while nurturing their potential for independence and self-reliance. This age group’s increasing curiosity, self-awareness, peer-awareness, and language acquisition make it so important to encourage interaction between other children! Many early-childhood education experts would agree that social interaction between children who are similar in age and knowledge level triggers the development of social skills that will carry through for the rest of their lives.


Main Curriculum Focus for the Percussion Class


PPP believes early-age independence is essential for the child to have a successful and fun-filled experience in an English immersion preschool. While children are often referred to as language learning “sponges,” it doesn’t necessarily mean that true language acquisition doesn’t take hard work. Children, teachers, and parents must all put in time and energy to become catalysts for a life-long learning adventure. But what an adventure it is! For this reason, PPP’s foremost focus is to have the child gain a certain level of independence in daily life skills. Teachers observe the children and, starting at each child’s level, begin to practice and display life skills. As children gain independence, their skills – in socialization, English, fine and gross motor skills, and a general curiosity to learn – become greater.


Music, with the inclusion of the Music Together program, is one of PPP’s main curricula. Not only are children having fun with music, which they can enjoy both at school and home, but they are also exposed to different sounds from around the world. When learning a foreign language, PPP believes that keeping the many sounds of the world – sounds outside native language – in young ears is more important than grammar, reading, or vocabulary. Children quickly lose phonetic sounds which are not in their native language and this dissipation can happen as early as 10 months old! In the PERCUSSION CLASS, PPP’s music curriculum goal is to expose children to a lot of music, not merely as play, but as an entrance to the world around them.

PPP also recognizes that Music Together is not meant to be an English teaching program. Therefore, the music curriculum is supplemented with rhythm practice (essential for fluency in speaking), tonal play (essential for hearing sounds accurately), and songs geared towards learning English, such as traditional holidays songs, chants, and finger-play (to support children’s vocabulary).

Students will receive a Music Together CD and songbook two times over the course of a year.

Music Together Information


For many students entering PPP, it is their first time being exposed to immersion English. In the PERCUSSION CLASS, PPP’s goal for English is to enable the children to become accustomed to the sounds of English, switch from Japanese (and or another native language) to English, to learn that it’s okay not to understand (as it’s a natural part of learning a language, native or otherwise) and to keep trying, and to begin to say words or short three word sentences by the time they move up into the ORCHESTRA CLASS.


This is such an important activity for the PERCUSSION CLASS. PPP does not believe in rushing children’s natural abilities but understands that practice allows children to gain confidence in many different aspects of life. PPP does believe the more a child is able to do in general the more confident, more self-assured and more fun they can have with their peers and teachers. In preparation for the next class, children will often practice their cognitive skills, their fine motor skills and their self expression skills during this activity.



Little Kids (3 years and under) Daily Routine

*This chart does not include all the toilet /diaper change times.
9:00 am
Students Arrive
9:30 am
Morning Greetings
9:45 am
Morning Activity
10:00 am
Toilet / Outside Preparation
10:15 am
Snack Time
10:30 am
Park Time
12:00 pm
12:45 pm
Nap Time
2:15 pm
2:30 pm
Afternoon Mat Time
Intelligence Play
3:00 pm
Goodbye Song / Parents Arrive



The children practice saying “Good Morning!” to each other and their teacher by name. This is especially important for the children to be able to feel safe and loved with the people around them. As they get older, it encourages social skills between their peers as well.


After Morning Greetings, your child will enjoy activities based on the season or seasonal activities. These activities include craft, music, science experiments, drama and more.


Understandably many of the children that enter PPP in the PERCUSSION CLASS are not toilet-trained. No problem! But toilet training starts far before ever entering the toilet! Toilet and outside preparation time is the best opportunity for the children to practice their daily life skills. For example, a 18 mth old may just be starting to learn how to pull down his/her pants (this is part of toilet training!) while a 30 mth old may have no problem taking their pants on and off but he/she may still be working on turning the legs of the pants inside out. Everyone has a challenge they can work towards! Children love to learn these skills and they gain a lot of confidence in themselves as well as interacting with others when they begin to have success at it!


Morning snack is provided by PPP. Snack usually includes a couple pieces of fruits and allergen-free snacks. The children will sing our daily “Itadakimasu” song before snack and the “Gochisosama” song after snack. The songs were written by the Director especially for the children to show appreciation for their daily meals.


All children will go to the nearby park and enjoy a period of free play in the morning sunshine! Even though the little children are still becoming accustomed to using English, this time provides them with a relaxed atmosphere to play with their friends and try and communicate. Swings, slides, climbing walls and the sandpit are a favorite in the PERCUSSION CLASS!


Your child will eat their homemade lunches while enjoying the best opportunity to converse in a comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. The focus for the PERCUSSION CLASS is to learn to use utensils, learn to eat by themselves, learn to pack away by themselves and learn to eat many different flavors and textures. Occasionally music from around the world will be played as BGM to the children’s conversations.


After the children finish their lunch, the PERCUSSION CLASS takes a nap.  It is very difficult for the children to concentrate or have fun doing an activity while they are sleepy! Let’s rest our bodies!


After the children wake up and go to the toilet or change their diaper, the PERCUSSION CLASS will enjoy an afternoon Mat Time where the children will sing their daily songs and practice the basics such as colors, shapes, opposites, and daily vocabulary.


These activities include exercises that challenge the brain. The activities are also designed to feel like play while developing the children cognitive and physical abilities (i.e. puzzles, sensory play, threading, science experiments, pronunciation practice, musical concepts, etc).


Morning Course Tuition

(including GST)
Available Times:
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday [9:00am ~ 3:00pm]

5 Days / Week

¥70,015 (¥63,650)

4 Days / Week

¥62,700 (¥57,000)

3 Days / Week*

* This course is not available to the ORCHESTRA CLASS students.

¥51,700 (¥47,000)

Enrollment Fee (one time fee) (including GST)

Morning Class: ¥55,000 (¥50,000)

Insurance and Materials Fee (per year in April) (including GST):

Morning Class:  ¥22,000 (¥20,000)

Music Together Material Fee (per year in April) (including GST):

Morning Class:  ¥9,900 (¥9,000)